Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to create and groom young minds, a sense of understanding environmental issues and the courage to act on thier believes, Ensure the Safety and Security to all in our Country. As an international university preparatory high school committed to excellence, Haria School seeks to educate students to be accountable, productive and ethical citizens with the skills productively, reason importantly, communicate efficiently and admire culture of other community as well.

Our Vision :
» To Provide Holistic Education to the Children.
» To Ensure all Round Personality Development of The Students.
» To Improve Over All Academic Standards.
» To Make Students Aware of The Critical Issues Faced By The Planet Such as Global Warmining and Environmental Degradation.
» To Appraise Them of The Sensitivity Towards Mother Nature.
» To Inculcate Moral Values, Discipline, Confidence and Social Awareness so That They Grow Into Responsible Citizens.
» To Help Students Identify Their Potentials and Help Them Choose Their Career Through Resource Centre.
» To Make The Best Use of Resources available In The School.
» No Child To Be Left out And Each Individual Be Given Need Based Attention.
» To Provide Students The Benefit of Latest trend of education Through Teacher Training Programme.
» "A Healthy Mind Is Housed In A Healthy Body"
» To Support This Very Statement We Have Incorporated Yoga and Exercises In Our Curriculum.

Our Philosophy :
Academic Challenge :
Haria School provides an academic challenge based education on rational goals in preparation for university study.
Community Harmony :
Haria School provides a stable, caring and supportive family like environment where student receive mature guidance through daily interaction with able faculty. The faculty is committed to providing quality education to students.
Balanced Program :
Haria school offers a balanced program of study and sports, recreation and cultural travel.
International Understanding :
Haria school provides such a resourceful learning environment where student can develop into Good Citizens of the Globe.
Alliance with Parents :
Haria School believes that parental support plays a vital role in the all round development of a child. Their contribution in education process is always expectant and positive.

Our Core Values :
Student First :
Organization of program and policies are based on students’ needs. Our responsibility is to prepare student for life, University and career.
Teachers are the key :
Our faculty provides " Total Education " to our students, which extends beyond the Haria Room to include social, moral values and emotional growth.
Leadership with Inspiration :
Inspiration is the best motivator to educate our teenagers. Faculty and administrators are energetic, outgoing and caring individuals who know how to lead young people.
Management with Purpose :
The management of the school is caring and efficient. It sets higher goals for itself and intently endeavours to achieve them.
IT Systems for supports :
Latest Computer System and Programs supports the basic efforts of the school in providing infrastructure for excellence in educational and other knowledge based activities.
Continuous improvement :
As the world changes, so does Haria School. The management of the school is   dedicated towards ensuring that the curriculum teaching methods and the infrastructure are upgraded and are kept up date, to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the education field

Our Ethos and Values :
The School aims to develop the child in a number of ways academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Strong values are inculcated in pupils which are very important in ths age of Technology where emotions and feelings have become mechanical. We encourage critical thinking so that young students are well prepared for the complexity of adult life.